About Us



The GBF aims to create and sustain a supportive and enabling business environment in Grahamstown and surrounding areas.

Primary Aims:

  1. To represent all businesses and business-owners across the Makana Local Municipality irrespective of nationality, culture, race, gender, age or political affiliation.
  2. To promote the interests of business in the Makana Municipal area.
  3. To promote ethical, legal, socially conscious and environmentally friendly business practices amongst our members.
  4. To encourage networking and information sharing amongst our members in order to foster business relationships.
  5. To attract business and support business development and entrepreneurial activity.
  6. To engage and collaborate with business organisations elsewhere as well as other local civic organisations to enhance conditions for economic activity.
  7. To engage and collaborate with Local Government in matters which affect Commerce and Industry in Grahamstown.

Secondary Objectives

  1. To assist in facilitating a clean, safe and appealing Grahamstown Central Business District.
  2. To create and manage an interactive platform for members and the general public to share information.
  3. To use reasonable measures to ensure the delivery of services by Local Government.

For more information please contact us at grahamstownbusiness@gmail.com

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