Annual Report 2016/2017

2016 2017 GBF Annual Report

Grahamstown Business Forum
2016/7 Annual Report

Trevor Davies, Chair

The GBF has more than fulfilled its mandate during this year. To quote Nelson Mandela, “Do not believe that a small group of committed people cannot change the world. To the contrary, this is how the world changes”.
While we do not pretend to be changing the world, we certainly are a small group of committed individuals and we bat way above our weight in terms of influence and positive change in the City.
However, as my term as chair expires I am deeply concerned by the lack of support that the GBF gets from businesses in Grahamstown. If Grahamstown is going to prosper organizations such as the GBF need to be strong. Without ongoing commitment from young business leaders and at least the rest of the business owners supporting the GBF this organization may well fail. To miss out on an opportunity to work with government in an environment of open communication and influence would be criminal.
Our amazing City has challenges, which are however not insurmountable challenges – especially if we work together to tackle them.
In conclusion, no-one can have an idea of the work put in by the members of this management committee: time, effort and a lot of money form their own pockets, all with only the one goal to make the City better for everyone. I could not be prouder than to have served with such individuals to whom Grahamstown owes a deep gratitude, even though they shall remain nameless.

2016 2017 GBF Annual Report

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